Bentley & Co. Limited achieves
a good result for Westfield.

Bentley & Co. was recently instrumental in helping Westfield New Zealand secure a plan change that paves the way for the enhancement and future expansion of Westfield St Lukes shopping centre.

St Lukes was one of the first shopping malls in Auckland when it was established on the site of an old quarry in 1971. In 1990/91 it was fully redeveloped and in 2003 the cinemas were added. That brought the size of the centre up against limits specified in the district plan for development on the site.

Over the years Westfield and previous owners had accumulated additional land to the north of the centre but this was zoned residential. Bentley & Co. was engaged by Westfield in 2007 to advise on the best way forward to enable the future expansion of the shopping centre.

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 Westfield St Lukes shopping centre